Gorontalo MTK Pro V1.0.0 Es Multimarca 2023 GRATIS

Gorontalo MTK Pro V1.0.0
 Link (MEGA)
 Video Explicativo/Explanatory video
  What's new
New UI
Bugs fixed
Flashing Added

FORMAT FACTORY: This feature facilitates the formatting of various partitions on the device, ensuring optimal performance and stability.

FORMAT OLD TYPE: This feature caters to older MediaTek devices, enabling users to format partitions using legacy methods.

ERASE FRP: This feature effectively removes FRP (Factory Reset Protection) locks, allowing users to bypass Google's security measures.

ERASE FRP NEW OS: This feature specifically targets devices running on newer Android versions, providing a seamless FRP removal solution.

ERASE FRP (SAMSUNG): This feature caters exclusively to Samsung devices, offering a dedicated FRP removal method tailored to the brand's unique implementation.

ERASE MI CLOUD TAM: This feature effectively removes Mi Cloud TAM locks, granting users access to their Xiaomi devices without restrictions.

ERASE W (BASEBAND): This feature enables the erasure of the baseband partition, addressing various network-related issues.

SAFE FORMAT DATA: This feature performs a secure data format, ensuring that all sensitive information is completely wiped from the device.

BACKUP OEM (HUAWEI): This feature creates a backup of Huawei's proprietary OEM information, allowing for future restoration.

RESTORE OEM (HUAWEI): This feature restores Huawei's proprietary OEM information, enabling users to revert to previous configurations.

UBL (BOOTLOADER): This feature facilitates the unlocking and flashing of the device's bootloader, granting users greater control over the device's software.

ERASE DEMO CPH /RMXV: This feature removes demo restrictions on specific Oppo and Realme devices.

ERASE DEMO VIVO: This feature eliminates demo limitations on Vivo smartphones.

READ DUMP PRELOADER: This feature extracts the preloader dump, providing valuable information for troubleshooting purposes.

BACKUP DUMP BOOT: This feature creates a backup of the boot dump, allowing users to restore it in case of any issues.
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