SamFw Tool v3.31



SamFw Tool v3.31


Video Explicativo/Explanatory video
3.3.1 2022 Changelog

Rename to SamFw Tool to add another brand next version
[ADB] – Fix command on Windows 7
[TESTMODE] – Fix change CSC bug on 3.2
[TESTMODE] – Optimize Remove FRP New method
[ADB] – Optimize Read list supported CSC
[ADB] – Optimize Change CSC
Fix some bug
Test mode (*#0*#)

Remove FRP
Remove FRP new security
Factory reset
Disable Knox
Disable Factory mode

MTP mode

Open browser
Factory reset
Enable secret code for Verizon

ADB mode

Read full information (includes root checker)
Change CSC
Factory reset
Disable OTA update
ADB FRP (old and new method)
Remove Samsung account (This function works to remove the account in Settings only, not supporting locked state)
 Delete bloatware (For Korean, Japan, and US variants)
Battery information
Get list supported CSC (For [TEST MODE] Change CSC)
 Remove screen lock (Root)
Set language
Install APK/xAPK
Install any app on Dual Messenger
Enable Toggle mobile data (for some AT&T phone)

Download mode

Exit Download mode
Soft brick Fix
    FRP Android 5/6 (support some models. If you see an error when trying, that means your device is not supported)

Odin Flash

Save recent flash files
Auto-detect file and select slot
Auto-extract for ZIP file
Ignore MD5 checksum


Check Driver signature enforcement status
Disable/Enable Driver signature enforcement
Install Samsung USB driver
Install VC++ 2015 (for ADB works)


MTP Reboot System
MTP Reboot Download mode
MTP Reboot Binary mode
 ADB Reboot System
ADB Reboot Download mode
ADB Reboot Recovery mode
ADB Power off

Read  info

Read information on MTP mode
Read information on Download mode

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